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Junior coaching

 Shuttle Time Junior Class 

$8 - per session

$50 - one club

$70 - two clubs

This club is for school age kids that are interested in playing Badminton in a fun, non-competitive environment with their peers.

This club is a great introduction to Badminton for beginner players, as well as intermediate players to play some casual matches.

Players will also get help and some coaching from Badminton Wellington coaches and Shuttle Time Youth Leaders to help improve their technique and skills, as well as their knowledge of the rules.

 Shuttle Time Silver Class 

$20 - per session

$120 - whole term

Shuttle Time Silver class is an intermediate level coaching class that is for those that have experience playing at club or school, or have completed Shuttle Time Bronze class. In this class participants will learn to put movements together with basic shots, further improvements on their serve, as well as mid-court play. By the end of these classes, players should be able to maintain a rally from the mid-court and net.

 Shuttle Time Bronze Class 

$20 - per session

$100 - whole term

This is an entry level coaching class to teach the basics of Badminton. This class is suitable for kids aged 6-12.

In this class, participants will learn the basic grips, movements, serves, and lifts. The skills learned in this class will act as a foundation for further classes and representative Badminton.

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